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Our Story

We own and operate Skincare / Spa business for over 27 years and never stopped looking for the best, scientifically designed, professional products, which gives our clients the maximum results and us the fulfillment of success.

Twelve years ago we found this exceptional company from Spain. Using their products ever since with great success and client satisfaction. With our clinical approach to Skin Care, a healing, firming, deeply hydrating, antioxidant professional product line always has a place.

To remedy the sparse availability and lack of support, four years ago we became Distributors for CASMARA to create a reliable flow of the products for our clients as well as other discerning professionals in the Skin Care businesses.

Having used this line for over a decade, we know how to integrate these unique and excellent products in the end-user professional’s treatment regimen.

We are always ready to share our knowledge and experiences.

If you have any question, please call at 925-736-2459 or drop us a note at 'Ask Away'!