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AgeDefense Treatment 6 Phases (2 Treatments) - Unit Price: $26.00

AgeDefense Treatment 6 Phases (2 Treatments) - Unit Price: $25.50

  • $ 5100


Global anti-aging 360º

AgeDefense an exclusive personalized treatment in single-dose phases with an advanced 360° anti-aging system with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY combined with the benefits of the Algae Peel-off PREBIOTIC IONISABLE MASK a state-of-the-art mask that allows the use of electroporation and ionization techniques thanks to its conductivity.

Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and other technologically advanced natural active ingredients, with which AgeDefense acts in a revolutionary way by strengthening the skin's first defensive barrier creating a protective shield against the environment, fighting all the signs associated with aging from inside out.

It takes care of your skin inside out thanks to the action of innovative natural active ingredients with natural anti-aging effects that slow, prevent and correct the signs of aging, keeping the skin looking young and healthy.

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