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Intensive Q10 Treatment 6 phases 2 Treatments

Intensive Q10 Treatment - 6 phases (2 Treatments) - Unit Price: $21.00

  • $ 4200


2 Treatments - Unit Price: $21.00

Very Dry Skin. Rejuvenating.
Professional Personalized Energizing Treatment in Single-Dose Phases Combined with the Benefits of the Algae Peel-off Vitamin Vegetable Mask 2030.

A high technology facial mask with Hyaluronic acid, Bio available Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Creatine in a concentrated form with dill. Will re-energize a mature, dry, tired, pigmented skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis and provides greater elasticity for the skin. High quality cellular nourishing and anti-aging cosmetic in all 5 ampoules.

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